Ed Jany for Congress

Ed Jany

Colonel Ed Jany

Colonel Ed Jany has dedicated his life to serving his country – in the Army Special Forces, as a Police Captain and as a Colonel in the Marine Corps – and he is running for Congress to bring honor, service and tough-minded discipline to the halls of Congress.

Ed believes that Congress needs more representatives with the discipline of a Marine, the tenacity of a police officer and the ability of a father to bring people together on common goals. Ed registered as a Democrat when the Republican Party left him – and lost touch with Main Street values by focusing too much on divisive social issues, like women’s health choices, instead of balancing our budget and helping businesses create jobs.

In the military, Ed learned how to bring people together to focus on the mission and get results, and he will bring that same spirit of cooperation to Washington. Ed vows to represent all the residents of Pinellas County— Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and everyone in between. He believes in fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, and helping businesses grow jobs to help lift up the middle class.

Ed’s 33-year military career began at a young age, when he earned a scholarship to attend a military high school and enlisted in the Army at age 17. Among his many posts, Ed served in the Special Forces, where he earned his Green Beret, and the Marine Corps Reconnaissance and Special Operations. Ed served as Commanding Officer for the Anti-Terrorism Battalion and worked for Special Operations Command Central at MacDill Air Force Base. He is a dedicated service member who was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

In addition to his military service, Ed also spent much of his life in law enforcement, beginning in college when he walked a foot beat to help pay for school. In 1989, while serving in an Army Reserve Special Forces unit, he became a full-time police officer with the Orlando Police Department. While serving as a police officer, Ed was shot in the line of duty in 2003, but he did not allow his injury to hold him back. Ten weeks after being shot, he completed the Marine Corps physical fitness test and earned a first-class score. He earned numerous awards, including a Police Medal of Valor.

Ed currently gives back to the community as a volunteer police officer with the Tampa Police Department and also advises other law enforcement agencies and defense organizations about interagency cooperation.

As a first generation immigrant, Ed has experienced firsthand the American Dream, and has spent his entire life protecting the country that gave so much to him and his family. Ed firmly believes that America needs a Congress that will work hard for them.

Ed lives with his wife Luciana, and he has two young daughters: Isabella, 13, and Sophia, 10.